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With a name like ShyGhy, one might expect an artist that hides away from connecting with an audience, but that is the exact opposite of what he and his music is about. Resonating with every sound, color, feeling, and sensation, ShyGhy is able to take you on not only an audio journey, but a visual journey as well. Through inspiration from all genres of electronic dance music, ShyGhy couples his music with visual components to create a full sensory experience for the listener. His sound cannot be compared to another artist and his style has yet to be paralleled. ShyGhy is taking you through his own musical discovery every step of the way. It won’t be long until the world is asking the same question of “Who is ShyGhy?”

ShyGhy - Get High (Released on Smash Deep)

ShyGhy - Beautiful One (Out Now)

ShyGhy - Loved U (Out now)

ShyGhy - Smoke & Mirrors (Out now)

ShyGhy - Follow Me (Out now)